The 50th Anniversary Edition



The Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Edition is a collection of two 6 x 1 flip books, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the first moon landing. It includes two different flip books: Volume 1 – The Iconic Footage features 6 film sequences shot during the mission, while Volume 2 – The Animated Journey shows the most significant maneuvers, using animated recreations based on NASA’s original artwork.

Through our Augmented Reality App, you can learn more about the spacecraft used in the mission: a 3D model of the Saturn V rocket, the Command and Service Module and even an animated recreation of the Lunar Module in the last seconds of its lunar landing.

A fabulous token for space enthusiasts and flip book lovers, a smart gift and valuable science toy for people of all ages.

To download the App in the Google or Apple store, click here for Android or here for iPhone, or search for Flipboku Apollo AR. The App is free but works only in combination with the flip book.

For more information about the Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Edition, see our Kickstarter campaign.