The Limited Edition Foil Bundle



In addition to the Apollo 11 Anniversary Edition Flip Book and the Commemorative Cards, this exclusive bundle includes a real fragment of mission-flown Kapton Foil that protected the Columbia Command Module during its re-entry to Earth.

This unique piece is preserved in a small commemorative acrylic container that comes individually numbered and with your name on it. A unique collector’s item for those who want to hold a real piece of human history in their hands.

Origin: this particular fragment of foil was recovered from the spacecraft after splashdown on the pacific ocean on July 24th 1969. It was given to William R. Whipkey, a NASA Production Control Engineer in 1969, and was often used for presentation purposes. The piece of foil remained in his possession until his death in 2015. Time later, it was auctioned at Goldberg Auctioneers and we were fortunate to acquire a part of it for our private collection and for this project.

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