Molecularis & Blanko Bundle

The Perfect Match



Molecularis and Blanko make a great couple, that’s why we have bundled them up in a practical and sleek protective sleeve.

They are both interactive flip books, meaning you can not only flip them, but use them in plenty of ways, by colouring, redrawing and varying their content with an endless number of possibilities.

Molecularis is a colouring flip book that you can colour yourself using pencils, markers, watercolors, graphite, brushes, technical pens or whatever technique you prefer. Blanko has 100% blank pages, so you can invent your own stories and animate them in your very own style. It is a learning flip book which features the basic principles of animation, so even complete beginner can try their hand at this quirky art form.

Enjoy a 10% discount if you get them together!